How to Lose a Fight with Progressives

Slowly, since the progressive populists were more muscle within the Democratic Party, some Democratic general managers have decided to fight. Unfortunately for CEOs, pastors do not buy them the opportunity to get hit.

Last week, Silicon Valley billionaires Mark Pincus and Reid Hoffman launched “Win the Future”, an effort to advance the agenda of “an ethics that is pro-social, pro-planet,” most networks ear Left, “pro-corporate”.

His political ambition of “WTF” is “to act as his own virtual party” within the Democratic Party, to shape the launch pad and candidates – similar to what Senator Bernie Sanders did in his bid to take control Of the party, through its Action Committee Our policy of revolution and the Sanders Institute of Reflection.

Pincus is doubtful about his desire to walk in the Berniecrats. “I’m afraid the Democratic Party does not move too far to the left,” he told industry website Recode Tech. “I want to push the Democratic Party to be more in touch with mainstream America.”

These words were received with disbelief and generalized derision throughout the growing more and more. “The social environment of the rich is to think that the decisive voter is like them, that is, progressive and regressive on social issues in the power of business, and that is not really where ball possession of the voters means in the United States are, “said Jeff Hauser of the Center for Economic Research and Policy.

Alex Lawson, head of social security, went to death: “The weakness of the Democratic Party is not due to a lack of representation of venture capitalists and board members of the technology company.” WTF, in fact. The reactions of left to Pincus and Hoffman is exhausted however in comparison with the almost universal mockery and personal invectivité that in the last days has directed to Mark Penn.

On Friday, Penn-founder of a private equity firm who is best known as the chief strategy and researcher for the first Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2008 – published a New York Times (co-author a supporter of the Democratic Trump) Recommend movement center democrats and reject left siren calls. ”

In progressive circles, Penn is the embodiment of the “neoliberal” policies of the “third way” of the 1990s, according to which working voters Donald Trump pass two decades later. In addition, some progressives are struggling, it is a political incompetence that led to the Clinton campaign in 2008 in a ditch, basically ignoring what voters want – and has not learned much since.

“Penn used to cheat,” said Sarah Jones of the New Republic, “Barack Obama ran … left [Clinton] at the time and is mostly absent from Penn’s story version. The union of the party and the electoral victory twice “Charles Pierce de Esquire was désemparant” If this guy is in the 10 blocks of the city from the headquarters of his campaign, immediately call the local unit of hazardous waste. ”

If Penn, Hoffmans Pincuses and the world have to survive the civil war between democratic and pragmatic populists, they must quickly learn that their money and size are not owned, but the limitations to be overcome. And more significantly, they must develop ideas that serve the public good, not just their own results.

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