Former Anheuser-Busch CEO Arrested After Failing A Sobriety Test While Piloting A Helicopter

Former Anheuser-Busch CEO Adolphus Busch IV was arrested today after attempting to take off in a helicopter from a public car park in Swansea, Illinois and lacking a sobriety test on the ground. I wonder what cheat code used to generate this?

Local police discovered that the occasional helicopter parked in the middle of the bronze parking lot Pointe Office Park at 12:45. Monday. After contacting the Federal Aviation Administration, police were forced to prevent Busch from attempting to take off at around 8am, saying he appeared to be drunk, according to

A person who calls the police that Swansea Busch returned to the helicopter at 8:15. And he seemed too drunk to take off. The helicopter rotors turned and returned the engine when the police arrived on the scene. The officer turned on the emergency lights in the patrol car and the driver turned off the engine.

A second Swansea Police vehicle arrived on the scene. After a conversation officer, a standardized sobriety test is administered. Busch could not seem to follow a line of thought. His speech seemed to be dragging the words and annoying. But when he touched the 0,000 on a breathalyzer test.

The police carried out more tests. The information in the court record indicates that Busch could not follow the instructions. His wife, Dawna Wood, told officers she had anxiety issues and was off her medication because of recent fertility treatments. Officials said Busch was free to go, but I was told he followed his fate on unrelated issues.

Police believe Busch could have been under the influence of a controlled substance, according to court documents, and multiple prescription drugs were found in the pockets and in the helicopter cabin, with his wife prescribed some.

In addition, Busch gave a loaded pistol that had in the pocket, the police found three more pistols in the helicopter. From FOX2now:

Busch told the agents that he had hidden a transport license and had a 9mm Rohrbaugh R9 in the front pocket of his pants. He told them the gun was “hot.” He pulled the gun from his pocket. Police also found dexamethasone in his pocket. The recipe was for the wife of August.

At that moment, Busch told the officers he was going to suffer a panic attack. He started jumping and running sprints saying that he needed more oxygen to deal with the attack.

A search of the helicopter revealed several weapons. Police found a Ruger LCR 22 LR revolver, a Ruger SP101 Magnum .357 revolver with four live rounds and a .357 Austria Glock loaded with a cartridge in the chamber.

The researchers also found several bottles of prescription drugs; Letrozole prescribed by his wife and Alprazoiam, prescribed Clonazepam Busch. A large bag of prescription drugs, which helped his wife fertility, was also found.

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