If Donald Trump Jr. Sinks, Who Goes Down With Him?

Donald J. Trump Jr. has joined an email chain that involves his throat this morning and climbed to the bottom of the dock. He is not dead yet. A suicide note has not been found. But his death is certain.

The Junior Jump came after several failed attempts to trick the New York Times into the nature of its meeting with Kremlin associate Natalia Veselnitskaya at Trump Tower on June 9, 2016. First, Junior said that The topic the session was adopted mainly in Russia.

Veselnitskaya was then allowed to have information on the Russian political funding of the Democratic National Committee. Finally, on Tuesday, when he learned that the New York Times was about to publish the e-mails that organized the meeting, Junior prefers the document by posting on Twitter “to be totally transparent,” as he said.
The purpose of the meeting, as mentioned in the e-mails to junior to go to the streets Rob Goldstone, was to discuss “some documents and information to incriminate Hillary and her relations with official Russia.”

A “Russian government lawyer,” Goldstone wrote, would fly to Moscow for the session. This correspondence makes an absolute mockery of the campaign’s insistence. Trump never cooperated with Russia during the 2016 campaign and hates all who attended the meeting or knew.

While the young Trump down to his final reward, he will continue at the aquatic resting place? What will be the former chairman of Paul J. Trump Manafort’s campaign? Or is it going to be brother Jared Kushner? Both were invited by e-mail and attended the meeting with Veselnitskaya.

While we get water, what did the parent Donald Trump know of the meeting, and when did he see? With the email chain, we know that Goldstone has offered to share “very sensitive” information with Senior Trump through their help Rhona Graff.

“Articles Rhona Graff could open the full Rolodex Trump Org and the prosecutors’ appointment to schedule,” said Trump biographer Timothy L. O’Brien. Armed with subpoenas, prosecutors could solve the puzzle of what the president knew of the meeting and determine who else knew in the Trump Tower.

On Tuesday afternoon, the president is directly involved in the controversy with a smaller defense exemption. Read generously, Trump has hinted that he would sacrifice the child if forced.

“My son is a person of high quality and I applaud his transparency,” said he was in his deputy press secretary. If I was a young man, I hired several lawyers.

The meeting Veselnitskaya perplexed on all levels. Junior must have considered the meeting as a secret thing, he could deny having attended. Why? Because he lied repeatedly to cooperate with Russia, calling the allegations of “disgusting” and “if false.”

But, at the same time, Junior did not consider the meeting as requiring a secret solo link with Russian. Instead, he invited Manafort Kushner and the session, put the tie in his deception.

The meeting was not considered so secret that he had tried to maintain his communications. He set up email with invitations to Manafort and Kushner, who left a discernable electronic trail to anyone on the channel or access to, or possible legal discovery.

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