China can seize opportunity to lead global A.I. development, Baidu executives say

China can seize opportunity to lead global A.I. development, Baidu executives say

The second largest economy in the world should seize the “historic opportunity,” said Luoi, Baidu’s chief of staff, in a speech at a business conference for developers.

China was in a good position to influence development because its technology sector was booming, with about 750 million Chinese online, and many AI experts with a large number of human resources, Lu said.

The government has also expressed interest in supporting the development of artificial intelligence.

With AI, “we can improve the power of this nation,” said Lu, who joined Microsoft’s Baidu earlier this year.

The Chinese company has won first and foremost recognition for its search engine, which is very popular in China, but has diversified since its launch in 2000 of everything from language translation, mapping technology, food delivery and now AI .

Baidu has invested heavily in artificial intelligence: building image recognition technology, investing in autonomous driving, launching PDAs similar to Apple’s Siri, and even developing personal home robots. In May, the company changed its mission statement to reflect the change in direction.

But for the continent to lead the global spread of bird flu, China must remain open and will continue to work with partners around the world, said Baidu founder and CEO Robin Li.

“We believe that the opening fight is closed,” Li said, referring to how China was formerly a closed market to the world, making distance communication difficult.

These days, however, people can work together to keep moving, and “we do not have to reinvent the wheel over and over again,” Li said.

In a development that emphasized the opening call, Baidu said Wednesday that more than 50 groups signed to build and upgrade Apollo, its autonomous driving platform, including major Chinese manufacturers Chery Auto, Great Wall Motors and Changan Automobile, and Including Airline Taxi Grab. Foreign partners include Ford and Intel.

As for incentives for AI, the company has made great pretensions and remained even more important goals: Baidu said that its Apollo platform completely transform the way that China lead and move on the often congested roads of the Country in the next three to five years.

To prove it, Li rides the lecture in two cars without driver before delimiting on the stage to give his speech. Part of his morning walk was broadcast live on the conference, and seemed to go smoothly.

But in the afternoon, a local media report citing Beijing traffic officials said they were investigating the matter, because current laws and regulations do not allow stand-alone vehicle on the public highway. Baidu said he had no official comment on the matter.

Some Baidu stand-alone vehicle versions offer conference passengers within easy reach within a giant heap. The vehicles use the Apollo platform, and incorporate a combination of sensors, cameras, radar and high-definition maps to guide the car.

In the future, standalone vehicle could be used to share or deliver package tours, including applications that people need to think about again, said Lei Ma, product manager at Baidu’s autonomous driving unit.

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