Former Anheuser-Busch CEO Arrested After Failing A Sobriety Test While Piloting A Helicopter

Former Anheuser-Busch CEO Adolphus Busch IV was arrested today after attempting to take off in a helicopter from a public car park in Swansea, Illinois and lacking a sobriety test on the ground. I wonder what cheat code used to generate this? Local police discovered that the occasional helicopter parked in the middle of the … [Read more…]

Intel officially joins fight with Nvidia and AMD, but results could be a long time coming

Intel Corp. pulled out all stops on Tuesday with the most important product launch in the history of its data center operations as the world’s largest chip maker faces tougher competition from its dominance. On Tuesday, Intel INTC + 0.80% hosted an unusual launch product at Brooklyn Navy Yard, where it unveiled its Xeon chips … [Read more…]

Apple’s ‘installed base’ of iPhones has stopped growing, says Deutsche Bank

The “installed base” of all iPhone users has almost stopped growing, according to Deutsche Bank. This is the biggest problem Apple meets with the launch of the iPhone 8, scheduled for September. The industry expects a complete product upgrade with a radical redesign and a dramatic increase in sales as a result. But the iPhone … [Read more…]