The UN adopted a treaty banning nuclear weapons. But no nuclear-armed nations are on board.

A global treaty to ban nuclear weapons was passed on Friday of the United Nations despite opposition from Britain, France and the United States nuclear powers, which said it ignored the reality of international security threats such as Korea northern. The treaty was approved by a vote of 122 votes against a country – a … [Read more…]

The 6 toughest questions for the next FBI director

Christopher Wray is facing an obvious skeptical issue as he prepares to take on one of the most difficult tasks in Trump’s administration: where does he carry his loyalty? The FBI director’s cloud, James Comey, will grow in confirmation hearing to replace Wray Wednesday because perpetual assault revelations involve federal poll on potential collusion between … [Read more…]

NRI’s flight ticket cancelled after he filmed dispute with check-in staff

NRI’s flight ticket cancelled after he filmed dispute with check-in staff LOS ANGELES: An Indian-origin man in the US has claimed that the United Airlines cancelled his flight reservation because he filmed an employee during an altercation, the latest public relations headache for the under fire airline. LOS ANGELES: Un homme d’origine indienne aux États-Unis … [Read more…]

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The Phoenix Moment: Challenges Confronting the Indian Left (Praful Bidwai) : Mr. Praful Bidwai (June 12, 1949-June 23, 2015) was an Indian journalist, political analyst, and activist on issues of peace, global justice and human rights. Enormous research, sharp analysis, strong and clear arguments and a bright narrative had always characterised Mr. Praful Bidwai’s writings. … [Read more…]


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