Aston Martin Has Updated The Valkyrie To Be Even More Unbelievable

Aston Martin has updated its design V12 hypermarket Valkyrie silly with new interior details and a change in the body to make it even more effective aerodynamics, while adding more of the air force, and apparently the company is still not making Finishing changes.

The car has always seemed almost impossible, and some of the new additions, which confirm some previous reports, make it even more amazing.

Starting with the body, Aston increased aerial power and strengthened the aerodynamic profile of the car, especially with the new holes just outside the doors.

As for the images of the new car and the old car, it seems that Aston has added new holes were cut in the front fins, with a similar appearance to that of the new ventilators ventilation system introduced in the new DB11. The wheels were also interchanged for a more aerodynamic and elegant design.

Another update style Valkyrie critical are the headlamps, which according to Aston represents about 30 to 40 percent lighter than another light in its range. The look that the lights add is interesting, but again, there is nothing about this car looks traditional or normal, and nothing should.

Especially on the exterior of the car, the mirrors are replaced by a camera system that feeds a live image of what I guess the two monitors left and right of the windshield inside. The images on the dashboard screens make them a little obstruction, but it is difficult to say only from the images.

In addition, the mirror is absent, due to driver style Formula 1 and passenger seat, body design and air intake mounted on the roof down to the rear where the rear window is normally. There is no back window.

The steering wheel is detachable for easy entry and exit of the driver, and most of the control functions are located somewhere on the wheel with the driver information displayed on a screen in the center of the wheel. I guess it will not have an air bag. The only other feature of the dashboard is third centered main screen.

Aston says it’s about 95 percent. 100 in the form of a complete design for Valkyrie, with the possibility of some of the major non-critical body changes between now and the first prototype series. Even in this unfinished state, the Valkiria will obviously be the craziest car it has produced for decades, and maybe even forever.

No doubt, it is closer to an F1 car for the street than Ferrari has had. This is as close as possible.

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